Create pdf from scanned book

Nov 21


We need the scantailor, to ... We also need the pdfbeads to convert images to a pdf file. And finally, we need the latex with the pdfpages and hyperref packages

Page align

Merge tif files to a pdf

pdfbeads *.tif > all.pdf

Modify page labels and add table of contents

In this example the book has cover pages and flap pages. The numbering is started on 3th page starting form 1 using roman numerals. On the 11th page the numbering started again form 1 using arabic numerals and finally on the 65th page the numdering is stared from 1 using alphabets. We also added a pdf TOC.


\renewcommand{\thepage}{Front Cover}

\renewcommand{\thepage}{Front Flap}

            addtotoc={18,subsection,2,Table of Contents,x0}

               16,section,1,The Title of the First Section,x2,
               31,subsection,2,The Title of the First Subection,x3,
               35,subsection,2,The Title of the Second Subection,x4,
               43,subsection,2,The Title of the Third Subsection,x5,
               50,section,1,The Title of the Second Section,x6


\renewcommand{\thepage}{Back Flap}

\renewcommand{\thepage}{Back Cover}


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